Stop bed wetting with our solutions !

Sleep with confidence

Sleep with confidence

No more wet beds

Bedside Pad & Bell Alarm

Bedside Pad & Bell Alarm

Simple to use and helps train children to stop bed wetting


  • Sensor

    Sensor detects drops of urine

  • Alarm sounds

    Multiple alarm sounds to wake the deepest sleeper

  • Child wakes up

    Child uses bathroom instead of bed

Bed Wetting Solutions with Dry Nights

Stop bed wetting now. Our bedside pad and bell alarm helps stop nocturnal enuresis.

DRY NIGHTS was established by a group of parents tired of navigating the confusing options and devices to help stop bed betting – nocturnal enuresis. At DRY NIGHTS we have done the hard work for you by providing the best solutions which have worked well for us. Our shop only sells products we have used and found to be effective.

We are so confident our products work we provide a 100% money back guarantee.

Our advice and products will ensure you sleep well again with the confidence of dry nights. 

92% success rate!

92% success rate!

Bedwetting alarms are considered the most successful first way to treat bedwetting. Alarms have good long-term success and fewer relapses than medication.

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How does the alarm work?

The alarm consists of a sensing mat that is placed on the bed under the child's bottom, and it is connected by a wire to a battery powered alarm. The system operates at low voltage and there is no risk to your child. When your child wets the bed, a loud alarm will sound. They get out of bed as quickly as possible, turn off the alarm and go to the toilet to finish emptying their bladder.

How long does it take to stop bed wetting?

Within a week or two your child should start to have some dry nights. This may happen because he or she wakes up and goes to the toilet before wetting the bed, or because they learn to hold on all night.

What if my child is a deep sleeper?

The alarm has an extra load setting for deep sleepers, however you may have to wake them up for the first few nights when the alarm sounds. Most deep sleepers will get used to waking to the sound of the alarm. Your job is only to wake your child - they must do the rest themselves.

Can adults use the alarm too?

Yes. These alarms are suitable for both children and adults. Simply move the sensor mat to sit under the persons bottom and place the alarm next to their pillow.

How does this alarm compare with others?

The advantage of this alarm is it is not connected to the child. Other alarms have sensors connected to the child's underpants or their body which can risk entanglement and affects their sleep.

100% money back guarantee?

We are so confident our products work we provide a 100% money back guarantee.